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Parsons Surveying, located in Corvallis, Oregon, has been performing Land Surveying services, including property surveys, Public Land Survey System surveys (corner search, recovery, rehabilitation, remonumentation, and boundary line marking), construction surveying, topographic mapping, FEMA Elevation Certificates and Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) application, and  Certified Water Rights Examiner services.

After 8 years in the military, 3 years employed by surveying & engineering companies, and 36 years in business, we are retiring and no longer accepting new clients. We thank our old clients for so many years of rewarding work.

We are selling equipment and supplies. Click on our For Sale link to see what items are available. We have photos of some equipment available by email and you can make an appointment to browse or pickup. Pickup is preferred. Items are subject to prior sale unless you make a firm committment.

If you are looking for a Land Surveyor in Oregon, please visit the Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon web page at  Under "For the Public", click on the "Find a Surveyor Directory" and select the county and services you need.
Member, PLSO CFedS

Certified Federal Surveyor

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