Revised: 5/31/2019

All equipment is used unless specified as new, as is, where is. Condition is an estimate. Pictures on request. Reasonable offers considered.   Subject to prior sale.
Local pickup preferred. Price does not include shipping. Viewing or walk-through by appointment, days/evenings/weekends. 
Will consider delivering larger items or a significant purchase within 50 miles

  • Topcon GTS-802 robotic, excellent condition, lightly used, recelled 2008, with 12v power, RC2 optical robotics, Satel radio/robotics set (radios no longer legal), & Parani SD100 long range serial Bluetooth for robotic control 360 Topcon prism. Instruction books and Data collector, Trimble Ranger 500x with Survey Pro Robotics, excellent condition, good battery: $4500 for GTS802 and Ranger.
  • Data collector bracket for Ranger 500x to prism/rover rod with compass, new. $75.00
  • I-gage (CHC brand) X90D-OPUS GPS L1/L2 receivers, 2 each SN016908  SN018750. Each has a carrying case, 2 batteries, 120v charger, data/power cord, 12v power cord, 76mm spacer, original instructions, tripod prism pole holder. Excellent condition. Download data with I-gage software and process with OPUS or dual frequency GPS software. Prefer to sell as a set of 2, but will sell separately. $1200 each.
  • GPS 2m rover rods, SECO, aluminum 2-section fixed height, with level, 4 each. 1 florescent yellow, 3 blue. Excellent condition. $45.00 each
  • GPS tripod, SECO heavy duty, yellow, good condition, $300.00
  • Calcomp digitizer Drawing Board III, 12"x18", serial interface (probably works with usb to serial converter, recommend FTDI chip rather than Prolific) excellent condition, lightly used. $150.00
  • Calcomp digitizer Drawing Board III, 12"x12", serial interface good condition. $100.00
  • Plotter, HP 450c, 24", working, new belts, serial or centronics interface, can be used with a wired or wireless parallel print server $250.00
  • Plotter, HP 430, 24", working, new belts, serial or centronics, can be used with a wired or wireless parallel print server $100.00
  • Surveyor tape, 1/4"x100 foot steel Nubian Add tape on reel with clamps, fair condition, 1 splice. $55.
  • Level rod, Philly, feet and 100ths, wood, plus target, good condition. $30.00
  • Level, Leica Sprinter 100M & digital rod with download software, lightly used ($1200 new) $800.
  • Misc tools: tapes,  hammers (4lb), picks, paint, plumb bobs, stamps (2 sets),
  • Other stuff.
  • 1 ea bipod, SECO type, thumb release, Red/Yellow, good condition. $45 each.
  • Chain saw, Stihl MS-210C, 18" bar, good condition, $150
  • Harbor Freight 120v hammer drill, SDC chuck, good condition, with drills, chisels, $40.00
  • Countersink Drill Bit, SDC, for Berntsen BP series concrete markers, $90
  • 36" Survey Crew signs, aluminum reflective, with easel style tripod stand, 2 each. Signs in good condition. $25 each
  • 30" Survey Crew sign, aluminum reflective, with easel style tripod stand. Sign in good condition. $20.
  • LoInk Airless Jackhammer with 2" stake driver and chisel point, fair condition. $30.00
  • Traffic cones, 2 each 18" & 3 each 30", not new but serviceable.
  • Post hole digger
SOLD (as of 5/31/2019)
  • Topcon GTS4, good condition, front keypad needs internal cleaning (keys intermittent), with case, recelled 2014, with 12v power supply, instruction book, $800.00.
  • Data collector, TDS/Trimble RECON with Survey Pro Robotics, and 3 batteries, charger. $300. Prefer to sell with the GTS4
  • Instrument backpack, top load with side pockets, aluminum frame, fair condition, $10.
  • Prism pole, SECO, aluminum, 5/8"x11, 8ft compression lock, fair condition. $25
  • Topcon flip-up solar filter. Excellent condition. List price $300, $225.00
  • Topcon 90 diagonal eyepiece. Excellent condition. $175.00
  • Honda 4Trax 300 4wd ATV, 1993, with front and rear racks, good battery, good condition, new seat cover.
  • Utility trailer, Snowbear, 4.5'x8', with spare tire and tongue stand, $500
  • Post driver 3.5" for large U posts, Heavy duty, $50
  • Schoenstedt GA-72Cd Magnetic Locator, excellent condition, new batteries, $350
  • Eclipse single prisms with target, 5/8"x11 thread, 3 each with cases. $40 each
  • Tribrach, Sokkia with optical plummet, good/fair condition. $20
  • Tribrach, Topcon with optical plummet, case, and rotating 5/8" adapter, excellent condition. $65.00
  • Prism pole, Crain, fiberglass, 8ft lever lock, good condition. $45
  • Prism pole, SECO, aluminum, 8ft lever lock, good condition. $40
  • 2 sets, SECO actuating rods (2 each) for thumb release prism poles, new. $20 each
  • 75' logger tape (100ths and d-tape inches), older reel, new tape: $53.00
  • HP 48GX, TDS COGO survey card, case, instructions, excellent condition. $250.00
  • Level, NI-2, good condition, with wood box: $150.00
  • Level rod, fiberglass, 25', fair condition:
  • digging/pry bar, stake chasers (red & blue)
  • Wood tripod, yellow, good condition, serviceable, some paint scrapes. $65.00
  • Wood Tripod, Sokkia,yellow, twist lock,  fair condition, serviceable, some paint scripes. $60.00
  • SAFCO Flat files, 2 each 5 drawer, stackable, 24"x36" sheet capacity, good condition with some minor scrapes, normal wear & tear, 1 set of 4 feet. $200.00
  • Tribrach, generic with optical plummet, case, and rotating 5/8" adapter, excellent condition. $60.00
  • CST composite large round head tripod, heavy duty, good for robotics, with single quick release clamps, yellow, excellent condition. $100.
  • 2 ea bipods, SECO type, thumb release, Red/Yellow, good condition. $45 each
  • Traffic cones, 4 each 18", not new but serviceable.

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