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Parsons Surveying was started in 1982 in Corvallis, Oregon, when Ty's employer, an engineering consulting firm, decided to downsize the already small surveying department. We operated using equipment and personnel rented from that company until February, 1984, when we purchased the equipment we were renting and began operating completely independently.

For the next 13 years, the majority of our work was subdividing sections and marking boundary lines for the US Forest Service, mainly in the Fremont and Malheur National Forests in Central Oregon. Retracing original GLO (General Land Office, prececessor of the Bureau of Land Management) surveys conducted around 1860 to 1880 was hard work, but we were occasionally rewarded with the discovery of an original marked stone monument probably never seen since originally set. We turned over a lot of stones to find each one, excepting the one we discovered about 1 foot underground when we were digging the hole to set a modern monument. Winter work was property surveys and some construction work mainly local to Corvallis and Benton County.

Forest Service work pretty much ended in 1997 as there was little money allocated for boundary marking not associated directly with sale of timber on Federally owned land, and consequently fewer surveying contracts. Since then, we have mainly engaged in construction and property surveys.

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