Oregon Laws

Oregon Revised Statutes for Surveyors

Only the copies of the statutes printed by the State of Oregon are the "official" version. Check the year at the top of the Staute to ensure that it is current.

ORS 012 Limitation of Actions & Suits
ORS 088 Forcloseure of Liens Generally
ORS 092 Subdivisions & Partitions
ORS 093 Conveyancing and Recording
ORS 094 Planned Communities; etc
ORS 096 Line and Partition Fences
ORS 097 Rights and Duties Relating to Cemeteries, Human Bodies and Anatomical Gifts 
ORS 100 Condominiums
ORS 105 Property Rights
ORS 164 164.255 amends railroad property trespass
ORS 191 United States Surveys
ORS 204 County Officers
ORS 209 County Surveyors (applies to private surveyors too)
ORS 227 City Planning & Zoning
ORS 223 Local Improvements and Works Generally (223.930-223.950 Legalization of Roads)
ORS 249 Candidates; Recall
ORS 271 Use & Disposition of Public Lands Generally; Easements
ORS 273 State Lands Generally (& swamps)
ORS 274 Submersible & Submerged Lands, Ordinary High/Low Water
ORS 368 County Roads
ORS 369 Ways of Public Easement
ORS 390 State and Local Parks; Recreation Programs; Scenic Waterways; Recreation Trails
ORS 537 Appropriation of Water Generally
ORS 538 Withdrawal of Water from Appropriation
ORS 540 Distribution of Water; Watermasters; Change in Use, Transfer or Abandonment of Water Rights
ORS 541 Miscellaneous Water Rights
ORS 672 Professional Engineers; Land Surveyors; Geologists; Right of Entry
ORS 757 Utility Regulation Generally

 Oregon Revised Statutes 

Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR)

Section 690, Water Resources Department
Section 820, OSBEELS 

Oregon Attorney General Opinion

OP 6350 Requires Acrobat Reader Property Line Adjustments

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