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We provide the services listed below. The cost of a survey may vary widely depending on the site conditions, accessibility, and the degree of detail required. Please contact us with the location, tax lot map and number, and address for an estimate. We usually make a preliminary inspection prior to providing any estimate.

Boundary Surveys: Surveys of property lines in both urban and rural areas. We locate existing property corners and monuments, and establish or reestablish monuments at corners which have been never monumented or which have been destroyed

Subdivisions: In Oregon, division of a property into four or more lots within a calendar year. We can do preliminary topographic and boundary surveys for design of the subdivision, and complete layout of the lots, and streets and utilities as required. Design of streets and utilities requires the services of a registered Professional Engineer (Civil).

Partitions: In Oregon, division of a property into three or fewer "parcels" within a calendar year. Because of the fewer number of new properties created, the land use planning process for a partition is usually simpler and faster than a subdivision. The required surveying services are similar to those of a subdivision, but frequently do not include creation of a public street or utilities.

Property Line Adjustments: Movement of a common line between two properties. Property line adjustments are usually requested when adjoining property owners desire change the size or configuration of their property. Such adjustments are regulated by local ordinance, and may be subject to the minimum property sizes specified by the zoning or development ordinances.

Topographic Surveys: Topographic mapping for engineering design of commercial and residential buildings. Topographic surveys show the physical features of the property as well as ground elevations, and are particularly useful to both engineers and architects. A topographic survey, in conjunction with a boundary or property survey, gives the engineer or architect complete information about the site.

ALTA Surveys: ALTA, or American Land Title Association, surveys provide a lender, title company, and potential owner complete information regarding the boundary and, depending on the optional items requested, a wide range of other information regarding the property, including zoning, flood hazards, encroachments, improvements, and available utilities. Standards for ALTA surveys are established and published jointly by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM).

Construction Surveys: Layout of the engineer's or architect's design so that it can be built in the proper place, and with the proper dimensions. Typical services include preliminary marking of for clearing of vegetation or demolition, control for construction of utilities such as storm and sanitary sewer systems, including manholes and catch basins, domestic water and fire supression systems, building corners or grid/column lines, parking area subgrades, top of rock, asphalt grades and curb lines

Water Right Examiner Services (Oregon): Assistance with applications for water rights and water right transfers of place or type of use, and preparation of Claim of Beneficial Use reports and maps for completed water right permits and transfers. While applications may be prepared and submitted by the property owner, lessee, or irrigation district, the Claim of Beneficial Use report and map must be prepared by a Certified Water Right Examiner. We have been providing such services since 1989.

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